Immaculate Conception Day

Any Christian holiday that takes place in December is always in the shadow of Christmas Day. It is therefore surprising to some to see how many countries observe this holiday.

Christmas Day

On this day, over two billion people (over a third of the world’s population) will celebrate the birth of Christ.

St. Stephen’s Day

Saint Stephen’s Day, December 26th is the Feast of St. Stephen in Western Christianity. It is observed as the second day of the Christmas holidays (Christmastide) in several countries.

Easter Sunday

In the bible, it is the day when Mary Magdalene found that an empty tomb in the cave in which Jesus had been placed following his death by crucifixion on the previous Friday.

Ascension Day

Ascension Day is the 40th day of Easter and commemorates the ascension of Jesus into heaven 39 days after resurrection on Easter Sunday. It may also be known as The Feast of the Ascension, The Ascension of Jesus, Ascension Thursday or Holy Thursday.

Assumption of Mary

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary is a very important day in the Catholic religion – it is even called the ‘Easter of the summer’ in some parts of Europe.

All Saint’s Day

All Saints’ Day is generally celebrated on 1st November as a commemoration day for all Christian saints. It may also be known as All HallowsDay, Solemnity of All Saints, Hallowmas, or Feast of Saints.